The Comfort of Vengeance: A Commentary on Nahum



Most Christians believe that “God is love.” That’s what the Bible says, right? But what do you do with much of the First Testament where God shows an angry, sometimes vindictive “dark” side that seems to be anything but love? The minor prophets, of which the Book of Nahum is a part, is full of “love me or die” kind of language. Is this really the same God of the Second Testament? How do we reconcile the two? More importantly, what implications are there for how I live my life from day to day? With religious violence on the rise, along with a new atheism that springs from it, we cannot ignore these questions.

Author Ben Redmond takes on this difficult topic in an off-beat, laid-back style to navigate the treacherous water of Israel’s history at the time Nahum lived, their rocky relationship with God, and His undying love for them. Redmond uses story and humor to draw practical connections to contemporary life and a God who had sent his Son because of his love that remains strong for us. The Comfort of Vengeance is a walk through an obscure part of the Bible that will deepen your understanding of who God is and consequently change your life.

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