Reflections of Generosity



We are proud to announce the latest book by Sgt. Ron V Kelsey, produced by Samizdat Creative and published by International Arts Movement:

Reflections of Generosity is about one Soldier’s struggle to find restoration and peace beyond the grief and tragedy of war. Through powerful essays and artwork, Sgt. Kelsey shares his story to encourage Soldiers and their families preparing for another deployment to face the coming sacrifices with courage and hope.

Filled with color images of paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed-media art, Reflections of Generosity celebrates the power of visual art to help heal emotional wounds caused by conflict. The artists featured in the book are all part of a traveling exhibition dedicated in honor of US military communities. Proceeds from the book benefit Sgt. Kelsey’s organization Reflections of and International Arts Movement.

“[These] are wartime epistles, a heartfelt effort to communicate to those at home the details of one Soldier’s experiences from the front lines of battle. Ron’s words both exhort and challenge us to wrestle with issues of art, faith, and humanity.” – MAKOTO FUJIMURA, artist, founder of International Arts Movement

Purchase your copy at International Arts Movement’s store.


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