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Hybrid publishing uses the best of the self-publishing and traditional publishing models to create a new form of publishing in which the author remains in control of his project while receiving the professional expertise a publisher offers. Depending on the project, either the author shoulders most of the risk by covering all the costs himself and keeping all the profits, or the risk is shared between author and publisher and the profit is shared. Either way, the author makes more money per book than he would with a traditional publisher.

With Samizdat Creative, you can publish under an imprint that you create yourself, or you can use our indie label–whichever you prefer.

Here is a sample project proposal we recently sent to an author, whose book we are working on right now:

Developmental and line edit: $12/pg

Copyedit and proofread: $4.50/pg

e-book production and publishing: $.015/word (this includes preparing files, additional CSS coding where needed, and publication on every e-book platform)

Production and Distribution:

Assuming a 5.5″ x 8.5″ trade paperback w/ B&W interior at 192 pages (48000 words):

  • Design: I have a bevy of designers we can pull from for the interior and cover designs and will provide a separate quote.
  • Pre-production (ISBN and bar code, title setup, Amazon “look inside,” etc.): $250
  • Production: Base per unit cost will be $5 (based on above assumptions, doesn’t include shipping and handling). Bulk discounts are as follows:
    • 50-99 units: 5%
    • 100-249 units: 10%
    • 250-499 units: 20%
    • 500-999 units: 25%
    • 1000+ units: require separate quote-per unit cost will be cheaper
  • Distribution and fulfillment: For the smaller print runs, the on-demand printer will print and ship all books ordered via all booksellers (incl. Amazon, B&N, and any other bookseller). We will pay 40% royalty for all books ordered through these channels. The copyright holder will retain all rights to the book and related artwork and design.

For larger print runs, it might be cheapest to handle warehousing and fulfillment. If they need to outsource that work, I can provide a separate quote for it.

So for $5000, you can get:

  • SEO optimized ISBN and bar code
  • A complete professionally edited and produced book
  • An e-book available (and good looking) on all platforms
  • 200 books shipped to you
  • Amazon “Look Inside” and author page
  • Worldwide distribution and shipping
  • Consultation on design (actual design work is extra)
  • Bulk discounts
Sample Returns
All numbers below are estimates based on prices available October 8, 2010 and are subject to change at any time.

Event Sale
Cost of book – $4.95
List Price – $14.99
Net Return – $10.04 (you keep 100%)

Bulk Event Sale – 500 books ordered
Cost of book – $3.71/unit = $1855.00
List Price – $14.99
Net Return – $11.28/unit = $5640.00 (you keep 100%)

Amazon Sale (includes printing, sale, fulfillment)
Cost of book – $7.95
List Price – $14.99
Net Return – $7.04
60% Split Return – $4.22 (includes promotion, administration, and customer service)

Amazon Kindle Sale (includes sale, fulfillment)
Cost of book – $3.99
List Price – $9.99
Net Return – $6.00
60% Split Return – $3.60 (includes promotion, administration, and customer service)

We can also provide a range of marketing and publicity services, from basic social media and blog promotion to full scale publicity with video and speaking opportunities. Contact us for more information on these exciting options.

Please email caleb at or call 720-984-2810 for more information.


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