Once the first few rounds of editing have made your content read smooth and strong as potato vodka, we begin working on the design of your book.

Everyone knows that a book really is judged by its cover, so our professional book designers work with you one-on-one to design a cover that will stand out. Each design is unique–the words “cover template” never cross our lips. So not only will you get a design you’ll love, but it will look great on the shelf next to your $50 copy of War and Peace.

What not everyone realizes is that the reading experience can be made or ruined by the design of the inside of the book.

Spelling and grammar are one thing, but if there isn’t enough white space or there are too many orphans or the text block contains words that are poorly kerned, your reader’s eyes will tire from working so hard and the book will be set aside for the next episode of “Dancing With the Stars.” We pay attention to all that geeky stuff in the design process so your audience will derive the greatest possible pleasure out of reading your book with the least amount of ocular effort.

Prices for design vary by project, but generally cost around $400 for a cover and $1200 for interior layout. Plus or minus.

Now that you have a beautiful book, inside and out, which contains all your ideas in prose that sings, it’s time for production to begin.