Consulting and coaching


Every book starts with a single idea. If you have one, we’re here to help you develop it into something that will fill a book, as well as reach the people you’d like to share it with.

Maybe you’ve already started to write, but feel like you need some help. We can provide writing coaching in person if you’re in the Colorado Front Range area or in California’s Orange County. If you’re further away we can coach you via skype and email.

If you’re self-publishing a book but need help with the process–someone to project manage or provide creative direction–we have over a decade of experience in book creation and production that we’ll tap into to build your project.

Some of the clients we’ve provided these services include: NCM Fathom, Somersault Group, Compassion International,, Wes Roberts’s Leadership Design Group, and the Buechner Institute.

We charge $75/hour for these services. But if you want us to publish the book for you, we will provide the project management and creative direction for free.

The steps to professionally publish your book include editing, design, production, and distribution (including ebooks), and marketing.