Cynthia La Grou (Wikiklesia Project)


Cynthia is an entrepreneur, idea architect, and cross-disciplinary creative professional exploring the intersection of the arts and purposeful media. Her most recent projects consist of: (Founding Director, Catalyst), Drawn from Water the Movie (Executive Producer), Bay Area – Compathos Film with Social Impact Director Series (Curator, Producer), and Compathos Productions (Founder).

Compathos Foundation explores creative ways to inspire action, advocacy and global citizenry by harnessing the power of story to promote positive change. Compathos creative community consists of award winning artists, photographers and filmmakers who have produced work for a range of clients including Discovery Channel, O’Neill, ESPN, Fox, FUEL TV, the Smithsonian & the UN, and who are passionate about creating results-oriented media campaigns that deliver measurable impacts and inspire viewer action.

Cynthia is also Creative Director and Founding Partner with her husband John at Millennia Media Group, a suite of companies in the professional audio, recording arts, and design industries.

Millennia Music & Media Systems designs and manufactures award winning audio equipment for leading audio professionals and musicians worldwide.

Cynthia is lead editor and contributing author for Taking Flight (Volume Two of Wikiklesia Project) and was a contributing author and cover designer for Voices of the Virtual World (Volume One of the Wikiklesia Project) which received an Award of Merit from the Society for New Communications Research in 2007.

The Wikiklesia Project is an experiment in personal participatory media and online collaborative publishing. The lines between traditional and online publishing are starting to blur and technology and delivery models are rapidly changing. Wikiklesia has created a between-publishing paradigm based on collaboration over copyright. The model is flexible and nomadic. It is conversational, community building, and open source, exploring new publishing paradigms that not only create streams of information and crowd-sourced narrative, but which have the potential to generate social movement and raise money for charities.


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