A New Kind of Publishing Company



In the two and a half years since the birth of Samizdat Creative Services, I’ve worked to position what we do in the huge gap between the “traditional” publishing and the “vanity” self-publishing book mills. The problem with exploring new territory is precisely defining where you’re going–in my case, creating an elevator speech summarizing our distinctives.

The evolution of Samizdat Creative has been an interesting one, moving from simple freelance services, to hybrid publishing, to high-end self-publishing, to…something new. The more I explain to agents, authors, and other publishers, the more I realize that what we’re up to transcends everything we’ve been to date. What we’ve done is create a brand new kind of publishing company.

I hear the scoffers and 20th century “purists” in my head, calling us names like “a glorified vanity press,” or even “you’re not a publishing company at all.” But it’s not true. Unlike any other self-publishing company, we acquire our authors, get to know them and their visions, and then run their manuscripts through an editorial and production process as rigorous as any New York publishing house. True, for the Samizdat Creative division, the authors foot the bills, but they get true personalized world-class work for it–they are 100% in the driver’s seat. All other self-publishers only offer standard “packages” that limit how much control the author really has. They are a go-cart on a closed track. We offer the open road.

We also are close to being able to offer real book publicity and marketing to our authors, done by a real book publicist. Other places charge up to $2000 for a Facebook page and a press release loaded onto PR NewsWire, neither of which translates into book sales.

So, Samizdat Creative is more than a vanity press, and different than a traditional press. We don’t use a “true” hybrid publishing model, but we’re not using a straight self-publishing model either.

In short, Samizdat Creative is a new kind of publishing company. And as part of the umbrella company Samizdat Group, which added two more publishing divisions this year (the literary Conundrum Press and the progressive Samizdat Press), it is truly one of a kind.

–caleb j seeling


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