New Author Highlight–Lexee Booshay


To show you that you, yes YOU, can write and publish your book, we have decided to highlight an author a month. They are diverse in background, age, and experience and prove that, with enough fortitude and dedication, anyone can write a book and make it as good as it can possibly be.

Meet Lexee Booshay. A self-made woman who wrote a memoir about surviving a childhood filled with drugs, abuse, death, adoption gone wrong, evil family, and, ultimately, spiritual growth and redemption that slowly dawned on her life in an unusual way.

Her book, Pray to Aliens, is a fast-paced narrative that unfolds her story in a way that would make filmmaker Terry Gilliam proud. It is brutally honest and deeply compassionate…still, Lexee is a pseudonym to protect the author from some of the people she writes about who are still looking for her.

Lexee is an entrepreneur with a strong marketing background, and she’s been very busy building her business. But her story grabbed hold of her and wouldn’t let go until she wrote it down. So she took three months off, sequestered herself in a remote cabin in the Rocky Mountains, and wrote and wrote and cried and wrote some more. About a year later, her story forced her to go back into seclusion to finish what is now the first of two books.

Then she started her search for a publishing partner. Person-to-person connection was vital to her, and after many failed attempts to meet with other large self-publishing companies, she finally called me up and we met for coffee. It was clear from the start that we would work well together, so she hired us to produce Pray to Aliens.

I’ve completed the first line edit of book one, and I’m here to tell you that I have never read a story like it. We’re going to release it later this spring, and I can’t wait to introduce you to it. In the meantime, you can get some tastes at her blog Pray to Aliens and you can follow her on Facebook and Twitter. As we work on the book, one thing you’ll notice is that the voice she’s been using in these sites will change to match the one she uses in her book…which is an important thing to remember whether you are using your own voice, writing under a pseudonym, or posting as a fictitious character–make sure your voice is consistent across all the platforms you are using to spread your content around.

Stay tuned for more from Lexee!


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