Literary Roundup


by Debbie Vance

NPR reports: “Nasa Confirms a Lake Superior on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus” — What this means for us? Scientists may start traveling out to Saturn to look for subsurface aquatic life. I sense an onslaught of underwater sci-fi coming…

“Water on Enceladus sets up an interesting dilemma for planetary scientists: it’s long been thought that Jupiter’s Europa was the logical target for an eventual probe to look for subsurface aquatic life. Now, Enceladus, although much more distant, might be the frontrunner, says Carolyn Porco, the leader of Cassini’s imaging team.

American Short Fiction published a beautiful short story by , “Ramona.” Compact and poignant, we get a little taste of sixth-grade friendship, with a bizarre and thought-provoking twist. It’s under 2000 words (their online stipulation), so you can read it at your desk, guilt-free.

National Poetry Month has everyone posting essays, poems, and, of course, events out the wazoo…Well, here’s another list of wonderful weekend events to add to your calendar.

Speaking of National Poetry Month…Conundrum Press is running the Rocky Mountain Poetry Series, a project intended to spread the love of poetry and develop a community of writers and readers. From David Rothman, RMPS General Editor:

“This communitarian model of subscription is the big idea behind the Rocky Mountain Poetry Series: to create a poetry audience, a community of readers in our region, who share this vision of reading, share it deeply enough to forget about their own ambitions for just a few minutes and actually read something by somebody else.”

Check out their website and subscribe for a year’s supply of poetry (by local Colorado poets! Support local!)



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