From Gridiron to Author: Ian Gold


One of the great rewards of Samizdat Creative is being involved in projects that matter. Take “Plant, Water, Grow,” for example—one of our latest projects by new author Ian Gold. Ian walked away from a life in the NFL to pursue a life dedicated to sharing the life-transforming message of Jesus in a very unique way. His upcoming book is not just the story of his life, but also of the journey God has him on right now:

Since surrendering my life to Christ and walking away from the NFL in 2008, my hunger and thirst for righteousness has steadily increased. As a result, a few months ago, while sitting in my home in Lakewood, Colorado, the Lord began ministering to me. In that brief moment, the words of Paul in 1Corinthians 3:6, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but the Lord has been making it grow,” became more alive to me than ever before. And shortly after reciting the scripture quietly to myself, I clearly heard, “plant…water…grow.”

At the time, I had no clear understanding of what these words meant, however, the Lord has since given me revelation and understanding. “Plant, Water, Grow” is far more than the title of the book I am currently writing, and my online journal. “Plant, Water, Grow” is the Lord’s directive for me! God’s desire is for me to plant and water the seeds of the gospel, so that He can make them grow.

So, in response to the Lord’s directive, on September 7, 2011, I sold my home, along with many of my possessions and purchased a 25-foot trailer (a silver bubble that I now call home). Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed of traveling across the country, with a pick up and a trailer to share the gospel. But, for the cause of Christ, now…I am willing.

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