Fast Living to Eradicate Poverty


Scott Todd’s new book Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty, published by Compassion International, is unapologetically hopeful.

When we got tapped on the shoulder to provide the editorial direction and interior design of this book, we knew it was a one-of-a-kind project. I mean, how many organizations have the cojones to not only claim that absolute poverty can be eradicated like a disease, but actually have a working plan to make it happen?

But they do, and Scott lays out the theological framework, hard data, and personal international experience to back it up. He is the Senior Ministry Advisor for Compassion International and one of the chief architects of 58:.

Combining his analytical background in academic research and immunology with his passion for the cause of Christ, he speaks plainly about what is possible when the Church bands together in strategic actions fueled with compassion. He is a champion for the poor. An encourager of the Church. And a voice speaking to a new generation of Christians eager to make a difference.

Check out the 58: website here to buy the book, find a screening of the feature film created for the project, and learn more about how you can help end absolute poverty in your lifetime.


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