Books In Progress–“Christian Jihad” by Colonel V. Doner


The process of publishing can seem like a big black box that your Word document goes into and a finished book comes out of. It can be mysterious and a bit daunting. So we’ve decided to give you a peek into current projects we’re working on so you can see what publishing is really like.

Remember, these are books in progress, so any images you see or samples you read will not be the finished product–the covers may change, more editing and proofreading may need to be done. But we hope it’s helpful for you.

One of the books we’ve really enjoyed working on is by author Colonel V. Doner, someone you’ve probably heard us talking about before. We’re currently working on a cover for the Advanced Reading Copy–a not-final version of the book that is sent out for endorsements and reviews. We worked with Colonel to decide how willing we were to (most likely) offend the periphery of our target audience. Do we tone down the title with a “safe” cover image? Or do we go “the full monty”?

What would you do? You’ll see what we decided soon.

We’re through most of the editing process and I am working on the interior design right now, after which the book will be sent to a professional indexer. Yes, there are people who specialize in creating indexes. In fact, there is a national society of indexers. If you want an index in your book, trust me–you don’t want to try to do it yourself.

Interior design is so important to the reading experience and yet it’s something most people take for granted. It’s something I take the time to do right because it can make or break a book. So, below is a peek into how the design is coming along so far. There’s more that needs to be done with it, of course, but I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of the entire process, start here.


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