Books in Progress – “Run Home and Take a Bow” by Ethan Bryan


If you were to ask Ethan Bryan to describe himself, you might hear something like this. He might say that he’s a storyteller, a musician, a husband, or maybe he might say something about his two girls. But there’s one thing I can assure you’d hear. He’s a baseball fan—even more than that—a lifelong Kansas City Royals fan.

“I played catch with Frank White once—also with Joe Randa and Justin Verlander,”—but that’s another story for another time. He is a huge fan of current Royals star Alex Gordon—as well as the likes of Dan Quisenberry and Kevin Seitzer. If you were to ask him about his own baseball prowess, without a hesitation you’d hear, “I have warning track power and a definite threat to steal bases on a passed ball.”

But get him to talk about his latest writing project, and you’re in for a treat. Ethan’s newest release, Run Home and Take a Bow, is due out in April and chronicles his year of following the 2011 Kansas City Royals—through the eyes of a fan.

After winning a contest for writing a new anthem for the Kansas City Royals, Ethan was given two tickets to twenty different games for the 2011 season. Beginning his journey on Opening Day and ending it on the final day of the season, Ethan devotes a chapter to each of the twenty games he attended. Along the way, he shares thoughts on the games, baseball, life, and faith.

“I remember reading a quote from the great Buck O’Neil. He said, ‘Baseball is good for the kids.  Teaches them all the lessons.’  It got me thinking. We intuitively see the life lessons about teamwork and practice—but what about lessons pertaining to faith? Can baseball teach us about faith as well?”

With the book in the production phase, Ethan has turned his sights to other avenues in order to share his stories. Recently, Ethan was asked to contribute to the fan-driven Kansas City Royals blog, Kings of Kauffman, as a resident staff writer. With his characteristic humor, Ethan shares stories of the intersection of baseball and life.

“Baseball is the language of my soul.”

Be on the lookout in April for Ethan’s latest release, Run Home and Take a Bow. But in the meantime, be sure to swing by Kings of Kauffman to read up on Ethan’s latest musings.


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