Bleached: Hope for the Desolate



Times are hard and it seems like everyone is hurting. So many people are still losing their jobs and losing their homes to foreclosure while trying to minimize the impact of this on their kids. Add to this a cancer diagnosis, a still born baby, an accidental drowning of a 12-year-old swim team captain, not to mention other societal and worldwide catastrophes in Haiti, the Gulf of Mexico, Israel and Palastine, and Afghanistan . . . Can there be any hope left when everything seems to be crashing around us?

David McDonald thinks so and he turns us to a vivid and radical vision that God gave one of his craziest prophets, Ezekiel, in order answer the cry of his people–a cry we echo today–“Our hope has perished, and we are cut off.” In the Valley of Dry Bones, the most hopeless and desolate of places in the history of God’s people, God reconstructs an army of men long defeated and dead. Placing bone to bone, re-attaching muscle and wrapping in flesh, God breaths life back into people in whom life has not been seen for years. He promised to do the same for his people . . . and for us.

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