Who We Are



Samizdat Creative Services provides publishing, professional editing, and creative consulting to authors and organizations who transcend the bounds of traditional publishing houses.

Samizdat is the secret writing and distribution of banned literature in the former Soviet Union. It is an underground press–literally “self-publishing house”, but with a subversive twist. If the KGB nabbed you, you’d be sent to Siberia faster than you could say “Molotov cocktail.”

Samizdat is on the front lines of the new publishing industry, standing in the gap between self-publishing and traditional publishing. We are blazing into the unknown with a unique blend of professional editing, the latest in electronic and printing technology, and the best design while making sure the author gets paid more than and before the company.

Wild, I know. It’s samizdat publishing.

If you are an organization with a lot to say, Samizdat Creative Services can be your “invisible” publisher.

If you’re self-publishing and need a professional editor to make your book as accessible and smooth as possible, we would love to help you.

If you want to completely buck the system and want an indie publishing label, we’re your huckleberry.

And if you have more ideas than you know what to do with and need some help with the sifting and planning process, we offer affordable creative consulting.

So, pour yourself a V&T and explore the site. In addition to what we can do for you, there are many links to wonderful resources no creative proletariet can do without.

To see a sample proposal, click here. You can also email: caleb@samizdatcreative.com

phone: 720-984-2810

And a hearty spasibo to citizen Mako Fujimura, who’s glorious “Little Gidding” graces the middle of the Samizdat star.